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We are passionate swiss experts of advanced medical technologies

01Our vision

At the crossroads of cutting edge research & through years of solid expertise with hyaluronic acid, our team believes in real life application development with forward thinking Swiss precision.

02From origins

Through the experience of our founder, Gilles Bos, acquired through the genesis of our mother company, Anteis, followed by it's expansion over 10 years, until the acquisition of the company by Merz, and through the creation of Aptissen, our well regarded spin off company, we are confident that we have all the tools to make the vision for Syrha a reality.

SYRHA's timeline SYRHA's timeline

03Areas of expertise

With a team composed of medical device strategy consultants and biopolymer specialists, Syrha develops substantial improvements in the areas of aesthetic dermatology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and cardio-vascular applications in collaboration with partners and for third-parties.

04Our mission

We bring our passion and skills to your project via four main avenues of service :

Raw Materials

For Hyaluronic Acid and Chitosan, we can support you in:

  • Selecting the origin
  • Selecting the appropriate properties for your product needs
  • Identifying and qualifying suppliers
  • Managing the supply


We help you to formulate your customised product, and also to improve your current product:

  • Visco-elastic solutions (e.g. dermal filler, OVD, viscosupplement)
  • Innovative hydrogels
  • Lab-scale development to manufacturing-scale


We support the implementation of your industrial strategy:

  • Set-up manufacturing facility with equipment
  • Identification, audit and qualification of sub-contractor(s)
  • Partial or full technology transfer from R&D
  • Process improvement (capability, yield, costs of goods, etc)
  • Equipment improvement (customised design)


With our lab in Geneva, we can provide you with analyses on:

  • Rheology
  • Molecular Weight (GPC-SEC)
  • HA concentration
  • Ejection forces
  • Cross-linking ratio (MOD)
  • Osmolarity and pH

Browse our latest mandates for our third party clients.

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Browse our latest mandates for our third party clients.

05Our team

We have assembled a dynamic forward thinking team of highly skilled strategists and of precision driven scientists.

Thomas Fevre

Thomas Fevre

Alexandre Adamczewski

Alexandre Adamczewski
R&D Director

Blandine Sauvage

Blandine Sauvage
Formulation Specialist

Gautier Lalevee

Gautier Lalevee
Technology Transfer Manager

Silvia Scherer

Silvia Scherer
Board Member

Gilles Bos

Gilles Bos
Chairman of the Board

Key opinion leaders and industry players agree that our expertise and vision for the future of biomaterials and product scaling makes the Syrha team an ideal industry partner.