What we do

We transform ideas into marketable products

We develop and manufacture innovative & technology driven injectable medical devices based on Hyaluronic Acid.

Formulation design
& Re-engineering

We help you to formulate and optimize your customized product, and also to upscale your current formulation by correcting the unmet needs:

  • - Visco-elastic solutions (e.g. dermal filler, OVD, viscosupplement)
  • - Innovative hydrogels
  • - Lab-scale development to manufacturing-scale
  • - Robust formulations which fulfil the specification to the end of shelf-life

SyrHA masters the selection of the relevant factors such as:

  • - Rheological properties (elastic modulus G’, viscosity modulus G’’ and  tan delta), molecular structure
  • - Concentration and degree of crosslinking to support the smart and effective development
Process design
& improvements

We support the implementation of your industrial strategy and provide process audit:

  • Set-up manufacturing facility with equipment
  • Identification, audit and qualification of sub-contractor(s)
  • Partial or full technology transfer from R&D to scale-up
  • Process improvement (capability, yield, costs of goods, etc)
  • Equipment improvement (customized design)
Process design & improvements

We can provide you with analyses for:

  • - Rheology
  • - Molecular Weight (GPC-SEC)
  • - HA concentration
  • - Ejection forces
  • - Cross-linking ratio (MOD)
  • - Osmolarity and pH
  • - Physical-chemical analysis of he hydrogels
  • - Development of analytical methods
Analytical laboratories

We operate a GMP-complient facility for manufacturing biopolymer injectable medical devices.
We can produce products with turnkey methods independent of your chosen manufacturing technology.
We offer access to SyrHA’s Manufacturing Proprietary technology based on innovative customised equipments.
In this way, we can help you overcome the major challenges of your current manufacturing processes of HA gels, and allow you to produce repeatably high quality and high performance gels.

  • - Customizable & scalable
  • - Repeatability & reproducibility
  • - Adaptable design for medical devices
  • - Speeded-up manufacturing while reducing labor cost
  • - Enable to work under inert atmosphere
  • - ISO 13485 & GMP manufacturing
  • - Manufacturing capacity from clinical batches to commercial batches
GMP Manufacturing
Swiss quality

SyrHA offers 100% Swiss quality solutions, quality assurance systems and quality control for all of our processes, products and services for any customer around the world

SyrHA`s quality management system is compliant with international GMP requirements

Swiss Quality System
in supply

SyrHA collaborates with its clients to effectively address their marketing, branding and distribution requirements for a successful launch.
Flexibility in product supply, direct line communication, and short lead times ensure a quick entry to the market